Je veux toutes ces choses et surtout ….


“I want all the things.

I want the light to leave

burns in me from where yours entered.

I want them to scar

and be the most beautiful marks.

I want to remember that love

because it will surely fade,

as all good things do.

I want to rekindle it then,

keep on loving you.

I want to be the pillow

your head rests upon.

I want to be the music

you dance to in the dark.

I want to live in the laughter

of your heartsong,

to be the only girl

you take home

and the one your mother

nods her head at, approvingly.

I want my fingers

to intertwine with yours,

and our lives to grow up and together

like the sunflowers that stand tall,

always facing the sun, standing solitary,

but close to one another.

I want to stand beside you like that.

To create something strong and true,

that fierce storms, raging winds

and streams of water

cannot tear down our roots.

I want our foundation

to be like bricks, sturdy,

so that after years,

the strength of the structure shows,

still stands upright,

worn, weathered, standing.

I want you.

It’s been you before we met.

I knew you lived, somewhere,

but it happened the way people say,

my soul knew you before my heart,

and when my heart caught up,

the soul just giggled,

“Before eyes saw the other,

or sweet lips touched,

I knew.

It was written there, on you.

So faint that you had forgotten,

but I hope that now you see,

his heart was always for you,


That’s how it was to be.”

My heart smiled then,

Knowing the scribbles

the soul spoke of.

It was always so.

You were always part of me.

That much I do know.

I want your kisses now.

I want you to create with me,

To be the love story

little girls grow up wishing for,

and the real-life chick flick women watch

and ask, “When will it be my turn?”

I want you to come into my life

like a calm wind and carry me all my days,

like the warm summer salty breeze I grew up loving.

I want you to know I don’t need you,

but I choose you.

For your scars, visible and hidden,

and for the light you bring.

I want you,

Just you.

I want all the things,

All the things.”


Et on continue dans la série d’articles méli-mélo, c’était un jolie poème extrait de RebelleSociety.

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